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  - We know that choosing a stud dog can be meticulous, especially that the chosen stud is living in the USA. How did you bridge this distance?
  -  Meticulous indeed! Earlier I wanted litters from still living, older males from good lines, actually with not too much success. In the process, however, I gained experience with methods of repruductive biology, out of which we tried two for the first time on our bitches, as far as the Pumi breed is concerned.

   - I have to admit, that the idea of mating Lara to Asztro (Bohemia Vivace Ash)   didn’t originate from me. Prior to the World Dog Show, at the Budapest Grand Prix CACIB show, Dr. Peter Hudak, a breed judge whom I respect very much, pointed out how well these two dogs are muscled. I started then to look at Asztro much closer, followed by a quick COI calculation and the decision to store the frozen semen in Nyiregyhaza. Then, when Lara was ready, Dr. Pelle, who learned the Norwegian method from the famous Dr. George Govette performed - at my express request - this artificial insemination method for the first time on a Pumi.
  - Now, that we’ve opened the door and found out that we can breed to other than the „neighborhood stud”, let’s get acquainted with the happy parents.
  - Lara requires an exceedingly high level of activity. Our Pumis indeed are „Sparkling Embers” (Pattogó Parázs in Engish), but Lara is running around twice as much than an average Pumi. She’s not afraid of noises, friendly with people; loves to work, whether it’s herding, agility or obedience. By the way, she earned the show championship as well. Asztro is also a workaholic, virtually there is no dog sport which he doesn’t like and doesn’t compete in the highest levels. He is the most titled Pumi in America. Why shouldn’t we be confident that they’d produce offspring who’ll achieve excellent results in dog sports?

  - Obviously time will tell whether the litter fulfilled the expectations; how do you see the puppies now?
  - Now, that we’re approaching the age of six weeks, I’m more confident as far as their conformation is concerned. I’m proudly showing off the puppies with the desirable structural proportions to breeders. We’re continuously developing their abilities; we completed the Biosensor program which was developed by Dr. Bataglia and is known in America as the „Super Dog Program”. We’re now working on socializing the puppies with people. Furthermore, this is the first Pattogo Parazs litter, where we’re training the puppies in elements of agility work. They’re getting familiarized daily for 1-2 minutes with the baby teeter, the wobble board and a short dogwalk. These are simple gadgets, and I’m proud that I designed and built them.

   - For who do you recommend the little guys and for what purpose?
   - I believe that pedigreed Pumik with good conformation can also be dog sport competition stars. I’d like it very much if this very promising litter in sport performance doesn’t get wasted, but will go to owners whose joy is teamwork with the Pumi.

More info: pattogopumi@gmail.com or Pattogó Parázs kennel

 Thank you for the translation: Meir Ben-Dror

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